What is your added value?

Unfortunately, too many real estate agents assume they are ‘value-added’ because they are providing the services they have to provide as listing presentations, comparables reports and good communication, also being honest and trustworthy are part of your responsibilities. One way to define value-added services, or VAS, are add-ons to the core services of a business.

Offering additional services, you will be far more likely to be hired again and your client will be far more inclined to promote or refer your services.

You may offer to your clients something that they are not expecting to receive, because you want to set yourself apart. These can be anything from complimentary service, to large-scale benefits. For a seller or buyer, that extra effort is a pleasant surprise.

What type of services can be added?

Value added service can be anything that your real estate clients might want or need, here are five top:

What is yours?

A Professionally Virtual Tour

A Neighborhood Analysis Report

Free Home Staging

House Clean Out Services

Concierge Services



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